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02:48pm 22/10/2004
  The awe of clouds in front of the sunset,
hovering atop desert mountains.
A hole in the clouds reveals a patch of the heavens:
An angels dress and flowing hair,
Though just a shadow from here,
She is revealed by an eye shaped window in the clouds/

I once saw olympus is that glorious setting sky.
Backlit by red, orange, yellow, beauty
Surrounded by the deserts sand mountains,
Which sadly bring visions to my eyes:

Of Cowboys and Indians
Of battles lost, not won.
Of battle-scarred bodies and abandoned arrows.

The uncovered graves now hosting plant life.
Reincarnations poster children shown here.
Nature's native souls haunting thier untimely graved:
As Cactus, plants, clouds and stones.--------------JLE

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05:14pm 13/01/2004
  You don't need to look at me when you're talking about me.
That just gives it away.

Laughing as loud as you can,
Then sheepishly looking away.

You don't have to come up to me once I figure it out,
And ask me "What's going on?"

You don't wait for my answer,
Just go back and laugh, It's fun!

Talk about other things now that I know.
How easy you throw me away. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~JLE

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04:50pm 13/01/2004
  Written on January 5th


Authentic ignorence.
Bliss is in not knowing.

Substitute for happiness-
Pushing others down.

You can be straight
Without being narrow.

With an open mind
More can fit in.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~JLE

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04:47pm 13/01/2004
  Written on January 5th.

Breaking Down

Breaking down barriers,
A minds destruction.

Pieces appart.

Put it together
To fully understand.

And wrongly equal.

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04:42pm 13/01/2004
  Wtirrten January 5th:

Looking- Found

Desprately seeking a home.
A place,
A person,
A feeling.
Home but not a home.

Not looking for a building,
A roof,
Or some fancy place.

Searching for comfort,
A feeling,
Love. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~JLE

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05:21pm 04/01/2004
  I keep pressing control but its not giving me any.  

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10:47pm 09/12/2003
  The perfect exapmle to make.
The perfect record to ruin.
The perfect person to destroy the inhibitions of.

All to prove a point.
All to say "Don't mess with us".
All to prove the right wrong.

Pretend to sympathize.
Pretend it hurts to see.
Pretend it's no big deal.

I wanna add to this... but I need to think on possibilities...

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10:24pm 18/11/2003
Trickling drops,
Tapping on the window.

Crying sounds,
Wind is mourning.

Rumbling sounds,
The road is full this evening.

A yawn,
A bed,
A tired face,
Sleep is due regaurdless.

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10:09pm 18/11/2003
  Because we have a choice in who we became,
Because genetics give us what we want, always;
Because one's just as bad as the other,
One bad can judge the other.

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09:41pm 17/11/2003
  Two finger tips travel,
One at a time
Up the arm of a naked body,
Traveling through time.

Two fingertips,
Tickle soft skin that shines,

Two fingertips stimulate,
Cause goose bumps,
And unmentionable perks,

Two fingertips,
Cause a good time,
Beyond fingertips,

Two fingertips,
Lead to more,
Just traveling.

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10:36pm 14/11/2003
  Shut the Hell up!
No one needs you anymore!

Rebellion is easy when there's something to fight for.

Quit stumbling over words!
You can't be our leader!

Rebellion is important when you've been lied to.

You're done now.
We're kicking you out.

Rebellion is best when you don't sceam and shout.

Peace is the goal of this war,
As is in ours too.

This rebellion is kicking out you!

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10:40pm 14/11/2003
  The vegetarian smelt chicken today,
And wanted some too.

The vegetarian saw a chicken today,
And knew what she must do.

The vegetarian met chicken today,
And knew that it was you.

The vegetarian is braver,
Because she tried something new.

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10:32pm 14/11/2003
  I read a poem today,
A poem that made me wonder,
Made me think,
Made me crazy with envy.

I wish I wrote you.
You're a geourgous piece of art.
I wish I could write something as beautiful as you.

This kind of poetry I read,
It will last forever in my mind.
This kind of art I so envy,
May well be famous in due time.

You're beautiful, and shall soon claim fame.
You flow and provoke the mind.
You have to be siad to be understood.

I read this poem aloud several times.
I gave it different tones and emotion.
I took this poem on as my own, only not.

To be continued.

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07:06pm 14/11/2003
  A couple lines I want to work with when I get the time:

I'll miss you so much,
'Cause I know you're gonna leave.

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