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Of Poetically Obsessed Minds

Liberal Poetree
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This journal is poetry. I write so much of it I figured this was the best route to go. I have now opened this from being my poetry journal to being a poetry community. It is of coarse moderated, as I don't want the drama that occurs on some communities to happen here. Feel free to "apply" for the community, I'll let everyone in that seems honest enough, but I reserve to the right to kick you out if you break any of the rules.

The rules:
No fighting, please, it ruins the fun.
Constructive criticism only.
Do not post if you don't want people to tell you whatthey though about it.
and lastly POETRY ONLY!
No spam, no "go to this link" , no "this is cool", no stories unless they help understand the poem. Pictures are also welcome under this context.

Please use a cut tag if you have a long piece.